‘Totally Cracked’ Lip Balm Comparison

No one likes dry, cracking lips. Aside from being embarrassing they can be extremely painful. People who suffer with dry lips aren’t able to just ignore the symptoms. They notice it constantly. You feel it when you talk, when you eat or drink, when you lick your lips, or even when you’re kissing your loved one. If you’re suffering from cracking lips you can forget about smiling or laughing, too! It literally tears your skin apart and can even cause bleeding.

Dry lips can also eat away at your confidence. Those who have dry lips find that they can’t enjoy their favorite lipsticks/lip glosses as much, and the torn skin on the lips usually gets chewed on, leaving cuts in its place. It isn’t something that can easily be hidden, either. As someone with Sjogren’s disease I know that struggle!

Below I’ve listed and reviewed some products that are designed to help overcome dry lips. Now please remember, lip balms/lip repairers are treatments. A singular use is not going to rock your world, and cure dry lips. Once you settle on a product you like use it regularly so that it can have a therapeutic effect on the healing of your lips.

You’ll notice none of these products have coconut in them. Though I have heard coconut does wonders for skin/lips/hair, I am allergic and experience anaphylaxis. I use Shea Butter & Aloe options in its place. Please feel free to try products with coconut ingredients if you’d like, but due to my allergy I’m unable to test them. If you know of any other helpful products that aren’t listed below please share them in a comment or feel free DM me.

Dr. Lipp Balm | $16.50 | 4 of 5 StarsIMG_5273

1:30pm – This Lip Balm is heavy and very thick, but I believe it’s because it’s extra hydrating. It doesn’t transfer from bottom to top lip when I open my mouth, but it feels a bit gummy. By that, I mostly mean it’s very thick and you can definitely feel that you’re wearing it. It’s also high gloss and can be worn with or without a full face of makeup.

3:40pm – It dried in about 2 hours time but I also had a full meal so it might have lasted longer if I hadn’t. I’m reapplying it now!

5:00pm – My lips already feel dramatically improved! I definitely like this product, though I might like it a bit more if it wasn’t so thick.

Aquaphor Lip Repair (2-Pack) | $6.97 | 0 of 5 Stars

IMG_54169:00am – It’s VERY watery and runs past the barrier or my lips. I’m confused, though, because upon reading the bottle, it says ‘Do not apply it to cracked or open skin…’ but that’s why I got it… for my cracked lips. It also says not to get it into your mouth and if you do visit the doctor immediately. WHAT EVEN?!

12:00pm – I ended up having an allergic reaction to this lip balm that caused lip splitting. I am unable to give an accurate review for this product.

O’Keefe’s Lip Repair | $3.46 | 4.5 of 5 Stars

IMG_5417This is the lip balm I have been MOST looking forward to reviewing! My husband worked in a kitchen for a period of time and had developed awful blisters that peeled on his hands and feet. O’Keefe’s was the ONLY product I found that brought him relief and actually began healing his hands. I would like to think that if it can do that for his hands that it can do that for my lips! O’Keefe’s is a brand focused on individuals who work in harsh environments or have serious skin conditions. It’s ideal for a mechanic or any other hard laborer.

10:25am – It applies smoothly, and is very thin. It’s not heavy at all, and has a slightly sweet taste.

2:00pm – Just now reapplying. I can still feel a smooth consistency from the first application but it’s getting patchy as it drys out, so I’ve decided to reapply preemptively.

5:00pm – I’m headed out now for a night with friends, and I know there will be alcohol involved. I’m going to apply it again to get a head start in beating dehydration!

I continued using this product the rest of the evening and it kept my lips hydrated and smooth in spite of the alcohol! I was happy to wake up hangover-free and with smooth lips the next morning.

Eos Pomegranate Stick | $3.89 |3.5 of 5 Stars

IMG_54185:50pm – It applies smoothly, and tastes sweet (like Pomegranate?). We’ll see how it wears! I had my husband, Daniel, join in and review this product with me!

5:50 pm – Hubby: “Mmm… Pomegranate.”

6:10pm – I still have the pomegranate taste, I’m not really a fan of flavored chapsticks…

6:10pm – Hubby: “I like this. It’s not super heavy on my lips and the flavor isn’t overbearing.”

8:00pm – I just reapplied and am so far happy with this product. The pomegranate taste/smell is growing on me!

10:30pm – I never experienced the sharp jabbing pain of cracked lips, and it holds longer than the other products. I’m pretty impressed!

Carmex Comfort Care Natural Colloidal Oatmeal Lip Balm (2-Pack)  $2.74 | 3.5 of 5 Stars

– Applied smoothly, feels slightly watery. It definitely smells very strongly of Watermelon, but I don’t mind because I love watermelon!

6:00pm – The Balm is already dry. I still smell faint hints of Watermelon, but I can feel the sharp pieces of my cracked lips. I’m reapplying at this point.

8:00pm – My lips are dry again but after the second application the formula seemed to press down those sharp cracked pieces.

9:30pm – I applied it a third time and am overall happy with this product. It seems like after the first application the product soaked in and also lasted longer than the initial application. Overall I’m satisfied with this product.

Blistex Medicated Lip Balm | $0.97 | 2 of 5 Stars

IMG_54203:00pm – Felt cool, and tingly like peppermint on my lips. Smooth application, no taste. Not “wowed” by this product so far. My lips still really hurt.

3:00pm – Hubby: Tasted like old gum, so faint mint.

3:10pm – My lips don’t burn anymore. I can talk, smile and laugh without pain. The cool mint sensation has gone away.

3:20pm – Hubby: It already feels dry, and pieces of skin are sticking up again.

3:20pm – It’s still smooth and moist, but I can feel it drying out already.

4:00pm – Hubby: It’s already worn off, so he’s reapplied.

4:00pm – After drinking a bottle of water it’s worn off some but I still feel the residue on my lips. That being said, I can also feel the sharp pieces of skin sticking up for my lips now.

5:00pm – Reapplied, still dissatisfied.



Thank you SO much for taking the time to read my review of these lip balms. I am happy I tested them out, especially now that I have a fully loaded arsenal of lip protection! Based on this review I would say that O’Keefe’s was definitely the winner. It was smooth, had a vaguely sweet taste, lasted for a long period of time, and works for both men and women. For men who don’t like having the appearance of wearing makeup, I found this product creates minimal shine, and doesn’t appear “feminine”  when applying as it’s packaged in a triangular orange tube. For those who enjoy wearing makeup, and it’s look, I will say O’Keefe’s is designed more so for healing and repair than it is for glitz and glam.

If you have products that worked for you that you don’t see listed here, I’d love to do another trial so send your suggestions my way. This review was in no way sponsored by any company and all products were purchased with my own money.

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