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March 2018 BirchBox

Hey lovely readers!

If you follow me on Instagram you’ll have seen my recent announcement about combining my love of Makeup and Books. If not, let me explain below:

You might have noticed I haven’t added a book review in a while. This is because March is my 2 year anniversary of being The Reading Phoenix. My love for books hasn’t wained at all, but I feel I have more to offer, and just as I am not one dimensional I don’t believe my page should be one dimensional, either. That being said, I will now be doing both book and makeup reviews. If you decide to unfollow me I will understand, but for those who stay THANK YOU for your continued support and I am so excited to start this new journey with you.

That being said, let’s dive into March’s BirchBox!


Marcelle, Ultimate Volume Nano Mascara | $15 (full-size)

3.5/5 Stars

IMG_5268┬áThis Mascara makes me think of “Black Beauty” (as a nickname) because it is dark and stunning. It has a smaller brush on the wand which makes application in the corners a bit easier. I found it to be a thin formula so it’s easy to make mistakes with smudging. (I would hate to sneeze with this mascara still wet!) This Mascara also builds, so the more you apply it to your lashes the thicker it gets. If you’re not careful it will clump easily, and unless you have a lash comb you’re stuck with the mess. If you have a lash comb then you can apply as much as you’d like and walk away with bold and beautiful lashes! With a price tag of $15 for a full-size bottle this product is between drug-store cost, and high end cost. Overall this is a product I’m going to continue to wear and play with, and am excited to have!

amika, Un.Done Volume and Matte Texture Spray | $25 (full-size)

4/5 Stars

IMG_5270This product is wonderful if you’re looking for a sexy tousled look. Like the name, the goal with this spray is an undone hairstyle, and it definitely creates that. I love that it gives volume to your hair without leaving a powdery white residue, especially since I have dark hair. Amika also created a product that smells AMAZING (I could seriously spray it just for the scent.) Unlike most people who would find use of this product, I have very thick hair, and when it is clean it has natural volume. That being said, however, when my hair is dirty it’s very flat and looks quite greasy. I tested this product on dirty hair and found that it worked similarly to a dry shampoo by eliminating that greasy look, but also brought volume back into my lifeless hair. It gave me an really cute “bedhead” look. Overall I’m pleased with this product!

Real Chemistry, Luminous 3-Minute Peel | $48 (full-size)

3.5/5 Stars
IMG_5271I wasn’t extremely impressed with this product, but I also can’t speak to its effects with long time use, as I’ve only used it once. I will say that it definitely had some features that I liked, so I will start with those! I did find that my skin was smoother after a single use, and as someone with cystic acne and dry skin I really appreciate that! It was very satisfying to feel the beads develop under my fingers while scrubbing my face. It gave me the sensation that the product was really working. That being said, however, I did notice that “less is more” did NOT apply here. I kept going back to the bottle for more product because I would run across untouched skin while scrubbing. Additionally, this product felt like it was really only working topically, and in essence that is the job of this product, but for $48 I want a product that goes deep into my skin and makes a big difference. I do plan to keep using this product to see long term effects, though, so if my opinion changes I will definitely update you!

Dr. Lipp, Miracle Balm | $16.50 (full-size)

4.5/5 Stars

IMG_5273I was very impressed with this product! I had cracked lips when I initially applied this balm, and by the end of the day my lips were no longer cracking. This product is extremely thick, and is heavy on the mouth. Though it is heavy and thick I was surprised it wasn’t gummy or sticky like a dollar store lip gloss. I appreciated that I could talk, eat, and function without my lips constantly sticking together! Personally, I don’t find this lip balm to be something for daily wear or even to finish off a look. I find this balm to be best for repairing and restoring your lips. I would even go as far as to suggest wearing it overnight or on an extremely cold day. Overall I was really happy with this balm, and though the full-size is a bit pricey a little goes a long way, so I don’t think I’ll be needing to replace it for a long while. In my opinion, it’s definitely worth the money!


That’s it for the March 2018 BirchBox, and it was SO fun to review these products. If you received this box or have used these products be sure to let me know! I would love to hear from you, even if our opinions differ. Just remember, the Makeup journey is about having FUN and feeling CONFIDENT about yourself.