Everyone has seen injustice in one way or another, whether for the God they believe in, or for the color of the skin they bleed in. Some have seen it way more than others but why should that get in the way of us being brothers? We stand around and measure our scars and then we get mad and shake our fist up at the stars. Like it’s God’s fault that we – you and me – can’t get along, but really each and every one of us is in the wrong.

Rather than standing with open arms full of understanding for each unique situation, we say “You can only share your story on one stipulation. If you’ll just admit that I’ve felt injustice more than you, and felt a pain that you never knew, I’ll hear your story from the start and maybe – just maybe – I’ll let it touch my heart.”


We should all understand the brokenness of one another. I care less about why you faced the injustice you were dealt because I’m far more concerned with the hurt you felt, whether it was because of the skin your in, or because who you choose to love is labeled a sin. If we could all stop acting like hate is a contest, stop priding ourselves in the hearts bleeding in our chest, we could start standing for all who are oppressed. Hate is not a competition where someone earns a bronze, a silver, or a gold medal and this mindset needs to find the brake pedal.

While society is focused on who’s the greatest loser, hate is out there and it’s really quite the bruiser. Hate is breaking hardened hearts as if that’s the answer, and I’m really just wishing that we could kill this cancer. Regardless of your race, sex, or religion, regardless of whatever labels you’ve been given, put down the gun that the world told you to hold – to point it at a loved one and prepare to go cold. This war won’t be won with turfs or gang initiatives – the thought that you’re not with us unless you’re painted in blood – and this is why we keep being consumed by the flood.

Stop putting prerequisites on acceptance, things like: we have to agree in order for it to be tolerance. Tolerance is not agreeing with each one we know, because if you always agreed there’d be no color to the rainbow. We’d be stuck asking why life had no color, but really it would be because we erased the originality of one another.

Tolerance is accepting that different views are welcome, that disagreeing is what makes us unique, rather than telling the opposing party not to speak. We need to learn how to work as a team and then we can watch as the fireworks stream – stream through the sky cracking it open wide. A house divided against itself cannot stand, and yet we wonder why this nation is sinking in quicksand.

Regardless of any difference in view, I will always make an effort to understand you. I am happy to agree to disagree on any given day, and your ability to do the same is what I pray. I hope that this message reached you loud and clear, that you know how much I hold you dear. Know I won’t always agree with what you say, but I will never let that cloud love’s way. You deserve to be loved, accepted, and respected and with me, I promise those will be reflected.

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