Throne of Glass (#1)


Author: Sarah J. Maas
Publisher: Bloomsbury

Publishing Date: August 2012

ISBN: 978-1-61963-034-5

Celaena Sardothian, ruthless assassin, and teenage girl. From the beginning of the book we see how Celaena laughs in the face of fear. Rough-around-the-edges, and issues with authority, Celaena finds herself surrounded by a broken land full of broken people. Trained to be a mercenary from the day that Arobynn find her, Celaena has become known as “Adarlan’s Assassin,” though her identity has remained a secret. One might expect some signs of remorse for their actions, especially as a murderer, however Celaena takes extreme pride in her deadly work.

Having grown up under the influence of a man who taught her killing was her only purpose in this life, Celaena began making a living through the death of others. She is intelligent, and resourceful- with a love for reading! From the very first moment that Dorian and Celaena meet, the unbreakable walls they’ve surrounded themselves in for protection begins to melt. Suddenly, Celaena isn’t the cold-hearted assassin that everyone assumed she’d be.

A beautiful young woman, with honey hair and dark eyes continues to capture the hearts of many as she repeatedly uses her good looks to her advantage. Strong, determined, and inspirational (even though, she’s a mass murderer.)  Throughout this book I enjoyed reading the detail oriented portions, and the points in which Maas drug my emotions through a pig pen and I just got to enjoy the ride.

I’ve enjoyed this book thouroughly and already have the second. So long as Sarah J. Maas doesn’t change, I believe it’s safe to say I would add her in my top authors. I can’t recall any qualms that I had with this book other than the emotional roller-coaster Maas took me, and every other reader, on! Don’t, get me wrong, even by the end of the book I was dying for more Celaena and Dorian, and Celaena and Chaol. I’m genuinely torn about who I’d prefer her with.

Maas is detailed, and imaginative. She doesn’t fail to take you on a journey with Celaena that you’re bound never to forget. When you include all the “sub genre” pieces she includes in her story, the book is extremely well rounded. We have Action and Adventure, Mystery, Romance, Magical (Paranormal), etc. All of these things contribute to a well rounded book that you can’t put down! I’m glad to have added it to my library, and highly suggest you read the series yourself!

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