BooklyBox vs. OwlCrate

First, let me start by saying I know I’ve been horrible about posting recently. During BookTube-A-Thon I got sick, read a difficult read, and then got into a slump. I’ve been struggling to read since then, and I’m just not getting back into the game! In the meantime, while I finish my current book, let’s talk about two of the most well-known subscription boxes!

BooklyBox is a unique subscription in that every time you receive a book they send a book to a child in need! It’s not only an invaluable gift to the next generation, but it means that as a subscriber YOU are making a difference. BooklyBox also provides you the opportunity to choose between several different genres, rather than solely providing YA. That is a position that no other subscription can provide you with (that I know of.) Each box contains a bookmark, a book, two bags of tea, a pack of sticky notes, and as a member you receive unlimited access to an online social media called “BooklyBuddy.” BooklyBox also includes a “Thank You” card inside the box providing detailed information about who they paired with the give books to children, and where those children are located in the world. They also have a blog and podcast available to the public! I’ve never been disappointed by BooklyBox.

In OwlCrate, a YA book subscription box, you receive 2-5 Bookish Items and a book. Each month the boxes are themed, and include items that not only relate to the book but relate to well known fandoms. This subscription box usually pairs up with etsy sellers, and growing artistic companies for some of the items inside their boxes. I have enjoyed every box I’ve received from them.

Let’s go ahead and dive into each box:

BooklyBox, YA Genre Box – July 2016:

BooklyBox YA - July.jpg


The Spring of Kasper Meier by Ben Fergusson


BooklyBox Post-it Pack

Thank You Card

BooklyBox Bag

[2] Bags of Tazo Tea (Not included in picture, but was received)

Savage Owlcrate

This was the Owlcrate box for July 2016.

This Savage Song by Victoria Schwab

YA Covers to Color

Coloring Bookmark

Funko Pop Figure – Draco Malfoy

The Death Star Necklace by Vector Engraving

Author’s signature sticker


These two boxes differ in many ways, including price. Owlcrate rounds out to about $40 dollars while BooklyBox is only about $30. (Less if you use my code for a recurring 10% off – thereadingphoenix) Ultimately it is up to you to decide which box best fits your desires. Personally, I prefer BooklyBox because I know that I’m not only getting things for myself, but I am also giving back to the world with each box I get! Best of luck deciding, beauties!



The Reading Phoenix


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