Better Books, Lower Prices

As we all know, our love for books greatly impacts our lives- and our wallets. Books, especially the usually prefered Hardcovers, can be extremely expensive. I know that in my visits to Barnes and Noble, and similar book stores I have either wounded my bank account, or wounded my soul leaving empty-handed. As my TBR list continued to grow, so did the cost of each book.


In a devastating slump I suddenly realised that there was no way I would ever be able to afford to keep up with my growing library- not without winning the lottery, anyway. In a desperate attempt I took to Google in search for a better way! I had to hold out hope that I could both fill my library without emptying my bank! To my relief I found several jaw-dropping options.


With my goal to gain followers on Social Media, such as Instagram, I promoted myself through a giveaway. In the past, before I found these websites, I never would have imagined myself being able to afford buying a book for myself, much less someone else. When I opened up this giveaway, I did so internationally (which I highly suggest you do your research on shipping cost prior to announcing this). I found myself blown away by the cost and wasn’t sure I would be able to afford to honor my promise.


Continuing on this journey and seeking anything that would allow me to be able to honor this giveaway without breaking my bank I stumbled upon Bookdepository.com. Book Depository ships worldwide- yes, I said worldwide– for FREE. When I announced the winner of my first giveaway, I discovered that they reside in Serbia, which would have cost me a minimum of $40 to ship, and they would have to pay 60% percent of their country’s fees. As you can see, Book Depository saved my life, and my reputation.


That’s not all, though. In my research I was also introduced to BookOutlet.com. Book Outlet is an incredible resource that provides me with a large selection at an even better price. My most recent order saved me over $123, and included the infamous Rainbow Rowell’sEleanor & Park.” I find that Book Outlet is probably the most scandalously (in a very good way) priced! I’ve gotten brand-new Hardcover books for $3.99. I really don’t think you can beat that anywhere else!


Thrfitbooks.com is another fantastic provider.Thrift Books ships for free with any order over $10. That’s a steal if I’ve ever seen one! My most recent order placed with them cost me $54 with free shipping, and I received 13 books, 7 of which were Hardcover. In that same order I received all 3 books in the “Kane’s Chronicles” series by Rick Riordan. Those three Hardcover books, cost me less than $12 total. I was undeniably proud of myself for finding that steal!


Last but not least, I implore you to take to the world-wide-web and search around to find local bookstores, yard-sales, estate sales (I find a lot of great reads there), and even local Salvation Armies, and such. One of the very places that helped me develop my love for books was actually my local library. I was surprised to find that they had a small in-house store where they sold paperbacks for $1 and hardcovers for $2. That’s when I was finally able to begin my collection , even though my wallet was very small.


I also found that in my area I had a local store that sold a ginormous selection of books at a low price. This store, Mojo Records and Books– yes, they sell turntable records AND books -had three entire rows dedicated to YA novels alone! They are unique in that every day they place out boxes of books that they no longer have room for, that they are giving away for FREE. The last time I went I found an entire collection of classics from the year 1952. They were gorgeous antiques and I display them proudly in my library! When I had finally managed to bring some cash with me I was able to get ¾ of the Divergent series (2 hardcover, and 1 paperback) for less than $15.


I encourage you to really seek out ways to be wise with your money and fulfill your desires to explore the worlds between pages! I’ll include the links to the aforementioned websites, below. Please don’t forget to like, comment, and share this post! I’d love to know what amazing deals you’re able to find, and if you feel this article was helpful! Share your newfound knowledge with all your bookloving friends!


Phoebe Stone





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