What I’m All About

In the beginning of my journey as a reader, I avoided buying books in fear of wasting money on something I would hate. I never ventured outside of my reading comfort zone, which was, at the time, an author named Ted Dekker. I practically only ever read his books, and in order for me to read something other than Ted’s work, you’d have to pry the book out of my hand and give me one of your own (because I loved sharing Ted!)

Finally, I began to realize that I wanted more of a passion for books, and so, I went on Instagram and followed as many bookstagrams as possible! Eventually I stumbled upon a monthly subscription called BooklyBox, where I had access to a social media page specifically for book lovers, would receive a book monthly, AND (the best part) was that every time I receive a book, so did a child in need. How could I say no? I couldn’t! But trust me, I still struggled with fear of paying for a book I may hate. Knowing that I was making a difference for a child somewhere else in the world was the ONLY thing that helped me push through my fear.

I received my first box from BooklyBox and was overwhelmed with joy! I have loved EVERY book (except for 1- haha) that I have received from them since I joined. I began to realize that my favorite reads were from Young Adult Genre, and decided I would look at other Young Adult Genre books. As I began searching for more books I found myself stumbling into pages and blogs that were reviewing books in depth. I was given the opportunity to fall in love with the book before I had even opened it! This gave me the confidence to begin purchasing new books that actually appealed to me, rather than just collecting books, because, well… I could.

I went through my collection of books and immediately purged my library of unwanted tit-tat that I had collected because they were “cheap” or free. Libraries do not deserve to be disrespected like that. They’re to be a collection of beautiful creations, a portal to another world- an escape. My collection was far from that. Books that were a bore, and were poorly written swarmed my shelves. This was the day things changed.

With a new bookshelf, and [nearly] a fresh slate, I began to create a list of TBR’s. I kept going and didn’t stop until my heart was content, (for the moment at least.) I finished off my list with 157 TBR’s, and that’s not including one’s that I had already had in my library (the few that I kept anyway) that just hadn’t been read, yet. Here I am just a few months later with 3 six-cubed bookshelves, and a swarm of books I’m just dying to read. I still have empty shelves, but instead of rushing to fill them with ANYTHING, I’ve realized the importance of appreciating your books- the importance of collecting, vs. hoarding.

This blog is designed to help all those reader’s out there that are like me, the one’s who are lost, and looking for a good read. Instead of rushing out to just buy a book, because they’re beautiful, and the smell is intoxicating- go into that book store INFORMED! Liberate yourself from the impulse to buy books you never intend to read, and go in confidently knowing you are truly EAGER to read the book in front of you!

Welcome to The Reading Phoenix.


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